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Articles - 2014

Cadence® IP gets mentioned in a lot of articles. We picked out a few of the best.
11/25/2014 Megachips to Launch DSP-based Sensor Fusion IC - EETimes
10/31/2014 Top 10 Lessons Learned about IP Management - ChipEstimate.com
10/28/2014 Memory Directions Uncertain part 3 - Semiengineering.com
10/17/2014 Memory Directions Uncertain part 2 - Semiengineering.com
10/10/2014 Will there be a DDR5? - Semiengineering.com
10/09/2014 Memory Directions Uncertain - Semiengineering.com
09/30/2014 Cadence has IP, tools for 16-nm FinFET Plus node; looks onwards to 10nm - EDN Europe
09/23/2014 Simplifying Design and Verification of Advanced-Node Mobile SoCs via Multi-Protocol PHY IP - www.ChipEstimate.com
09/17/2014 New Flows Needed for the 'Insects of the World'  -  Tech Design Forum
08/23/2014 Cadence white paper helps you selecting what come after DDR4 -  SemiWiki
08/07/2014 IP Reaches Back to Established Nodes -  Semiconductor Engineering
07/01/2014 PCI Express 4 specification just released for PCI-SIG DevCon -  SemiWiki
06/12/2014 Computer Vision's Enormous Challenges Ahead Semiconductor Engineering
06/12/2014 Latest achievements in FinFet technology  Design & Reuse
06/05/2014 Deeper Dive - Is IP reuse good or bad Systems Design Engineering
05/15/2014 FDSOI: Is Cadence, Not Samsung, the Tipping Point  -  Electronics 360
05/02/2014 Cadencs adds 3D sound to Tensilica IP  -  Electronics Weekly
04/22/2014 The Road to 1 Million Tapeouts  -  Cadence blog
04/17/2014 Does Processor IP still get the lion's share in 2013?  -  SemiWiki
04/15/2014 PCI Express Gen 4 - a Big Pipe for Big Data -  Chip Estimate
03/14/2014 Cadence is all about semiconductor IP!  -  SemiWiki
03/13/2014 Big Sell: IP Trends and Strategies  -  Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design
03/13/2014 Cadence and ARM BFF  -  Semiwiki
03/03/2014 Predictions 2014: Chris Rowen talks EDA and IP....and Beyond  -  EDACafe
02/17/2014 Cadence Tensilica hifi audio tunneling for Android cuts audio processing power by up to 14X  -  CiOL
02/13/2014 Microsoft uses configurable processor in Xbox One  ElectronicsWeekly.com
02/03/2014 Fast Development of ISP Algorithms with MIPI IP and FPGA Platform www.chipestimate.com
02/02/2014 Who needs DDR4 PHY Running at 2667 Mbps? - www.semiwiki.com
01/13/2014 The Next Big ThreatSemiconductor Engineering

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