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Customize your IP—Configure, Scale, and Optimize Like a Pro

Why Customize? Better Yet, Why Not?

Every chip design is different. So why should your IP be the same each time? If it’s exactly the same, you have to spend valuable resources adapting to it—rather than have your IP adapt to your design.

Don’t compromise your design to take advantage of proven IP.

The Cadence IP Factory Approach

Cadence uses a unique, mass-customization infrastructure so we can deliver IP configured to your specific SoC design requirements, providing only those features and performance levels needed for your particular application.

Our shining star is our Cadence® Tensilica® product line, which provides the most automated process for customizing a processor core. Thousands of cores have been created by our customers using this process, and all are guaranteed correct by construction. You can pick from an amazing array of configuration options and immediately check to see if that gives you the performance you need. You can add customized instructions that can ramp performance 100X or more. All via our proven Cloud-based Tensilica Xtensa® Processor Generator.

But this customization capability isn’t just limited to Tensilica processors. Even standards-based IP needs a level of customization to seamlessly fit into your designs. And we provide that.

Learn More

There’s a lot to learn about how we customize our IP to make sure it’s a great fit for your design.