Customizable IP Cores for DSP and Dataplane Processing

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Tensilica Customizable Processor IP

Xtensa DPUs excell in dataplane processingUse the Xtensa Innovation Platform to Create Unique IP

Just Think of the Possibilities

Need an innovative function that’s yours alone, can’t be copied, is fully programmable, and will set you far ahead of your competition? You’ve come to the right place. Create your own innovative, one-of-a-kind processor or DSP using the Xtensa® Innovation Platform℠.

The basis for the Xtensa Innovation Platform is our patented Xtensa Processor Generator (XPG) technology. It allows you to quickly create unique application-specific processors fully tailored to your application requirements, with a full matching software tool chain. This takes processors and DSPs to a whole new level, with opportunities for customization that can’t be approached in other fixed-ISA (instruction set architecture) architectures. And the same software development tools are used across all Tensilica® Xtensa processors.

Every Xtensa processor includes the Xtensa ISA that delivers modern, high-performance RISC processor benefits. Shipping at a rate of over 2 billion cores per year, Cadence’s Tensilica processor family is the number 2 volume processor in the market. Building on top of this leading-edge control CPU capability, Cadence also delivers dozens of complex DSP options for the Xtensa platform – including the market-leading HiFi Audio DSP family and ultra-high-performance imaging and communications DSPs.

Tensilica processor licensees mix and match their choice of preconfigured ISA options – but also have the freedom to innovate new and proprietary instruction set extensions with complete architectural freedom.

Innovative cores built upon the Xtensa Innovation Platform leverage the entire ecosystem of tools and partners supporting the 225 other licensees.  With today’s leading-edge SoCs containing dozens of programmable cores, the Xtensa Innovation Platform empowers innovators to deploy many different optimized cores in the same SoC, all built on one common architecture. Our patented automated tools generate a complete matching software tool set, models, EDA scripts—everything you need to get into production quickly in a fraction of the time it would take to design the function in RTL.

Try our SDK Software Development Toolkit for 15 days absolutely free.

Xtensa Customizable Processors

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