Customizable IP Cores for DSP and Dataplane Processing

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Tensilica Customizable Processor IP

Xtensa DPUs excell in dataplane processingCadence IP Cores Put the WOW in the SoC Dataplane

The SoC dataplane is where you create the WOW. Richer audio. Brlliant video. Lightning-speed communications. All those tasks that give your designs unique capabilities, and help you design products that win in the marketplace.

If your SoC design demands a highly-efficient, programmable computational engine for a data-intensive task, you've come to the right place. Cadence® Tensilica® Dataplane Processors (DPUs) combine the strength of CPUs, DSPs, and custom logic, often with 10-to-100X the performance.

DPUs can handle both performance-intensive digital signal processing (for audio, video, imaging, and baseband signal processing) and embedded RISC CPU processing functions (for security, networking, and deeply embedded control). You can design with confidence using a processor architecture that is built from the ground up to meet the customization demands of dataplane processing.

Some of the most common and broadly applicable tasks in the dataplane are made easier with our Tensilica HiFi audio, voice, and speech DSPs; Cadence Tensilica ConnX communications DSPs; and IVP for imaging and video processing.

For more specialized tasks like security protocol or network packet processing, you can build your own customized Cadence Tensilica Xtensa® DPU. Our patented automated tools generate a complete matching software tool set, models, EDA scripts—everything you need to get into production quickly in a fraction of the time it would take to design the function in RTL.

Try our SDK Software Development Toolkit for 15 days absolutely free.

Xtensa Customizable Processors

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Xtensa Reference Cores

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Audio, Voice, and Speech

HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs range from ultra-low power always-on to high-performance for home infotainment systems

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Baseband and RF Signal Processing

A full range of DSPs from the 2-MAC ConnX D2 to the 64-MAC ConnX BBE64

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Image/Video Processing

For multi-frame image capture, video pre- and post-processing, stabilization, HDR processing, facial recognition, and more

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