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Microprocessor IP

Why use a different architecture if proven 8-bit technology does the job? With Cadence® Microprocessor IP, you can reuse the code you have without having to debug your application again. You can even use it for housekeeping on your state-of the-art SoCs.

With more than 300 licenses in production, the Cadence Intel® 8051-compatible Microprocessor IP family is the most mature and configurable core to support the 8-bit industry standard.

You can configure the core to match your requirements exactly: From the fastest version on the market, which outperforms the original by 24X, to the smallest version with less than 3K gate equivalents, you'll have more than enough bandwidth to meet your needs.

Complement the core with your specific application by taking advantage of a rich set of mix-and-match features and peripherals, including memory pointers, interrupts, interfaces for serial communication (UART, I2C and SPI), timer systems, I/O ports, power management unit, multiplication-division unit, watchdog timer, DMA controller, and a real-time clock. Integrated on-chip debugging is available by supporting our SWORD 1-wire debug system, which is completely integrated into the KEIL™ debugging environment.

8051 Product Family Most mature and configurable 8-bit core

With over 300 licenses in production, our Cadence Intel 8051-compatible processor family is the most mature and most configurable IP core to support the 8-bit industry standard.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Uses the MCS® 51 instruction set
  • Depending on the configuration, it's the fastest (24X the original) or the smallest (< 3K gates) Intel fully 8051-compatible IP core on the market
  • External memory interface addresses up to 8MB of program and data memory
  • Features Power Management Unit with power-down modes (IDLE/STOP)
  • Features native on-chip debug support (OCDS) interface, 1-wire debug pod
  • Provides extensive configurability options
  • Offers lowest power per DMIPS available
  • Provides extra port pins because alternate port functions are separated
  • Features KEIL-compatible, complete application debugging environment
  • Offers 80251-compatible IP supporting internal 32-bit architecture

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