Cadence® Denali® DDR Memory IP is a family of system-level IP solutions consisting of memory controller and memory PHY IP. Our DDR family of IP addresses a broad range of high-performance as well as low-power requirements for today’s ever-changing environment.

Our DDR memory IP supports all DDR specifications and includes DDR controllers that provide unsurpassed flexibility with the ability to configure and customize a controller to your specific needs. It provides the added value of multi-standard DDR support in a single IP core. For example, we can provide a controller IP that supports DDR4, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, and LPDDR2 as a single IP solution.

Our DDR PHY IP family includes two families of DDR PHYs, high-speed (HS) PHYs and low-power (LP) PHYs, to address a range of applications for DDR. Delivery options include Firm IP and Hard IP, providing flexibility either to integrate a customized memory interface in your design, or to utilize a standard implementation to speed up integration on a wide range of technology nodes, including advanced nodes, such as 16nm FinFET.

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DDR ControllersFully configurable and customizable DDR controllers

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DDR Firm PHYConfigurable width DDR PHY's

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DDR Hard PHYFully hardened DDR PHY's

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Multi-Protocol DDR IPIntegrates a LPDDR4/3 DDR4/3 controller and a LPDDR4/3 DDR4/3 Firm PHY

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