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Comes in single-, dual-, and - octal channel versions with resolutions up to 14 bits,conversion rates up to 3.52GHz, and compact single DAC size.

Cadence® DAC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting digital data to analog signals. Our DAC IP provide the user with high performance, high speed, small area design fortheir applications. A perfect companion to our lines of ADC IP, the DAC IP makes it easyfor you to integrate either transmit/receive or input/output interfaces.    

Available as:

  • High speed DAC (> 250Msps)
  • Medium speed DAC (100-250Msps)
  • Low speed DAC (<100Msps)


  • 6 to 14 bits, 20MHz to 3.5GHz
  • Silicon-proven solution atleading-edge nodes
  • Easy integration: low non-restrictive metal stacks and self-contained analog macro design

Browse the product listing below and click on the part number to see the datasheet, if available.

Product Table

Part Number Product DescriptionProcess Node
High-Speed DAC (>250MHz)
Dual, 6-bit, 2.6GHz T65LP
Dual, 14-bit, 650MHz T65LP
IP9932 Dual, 7-bit, 3GHz T28HPM
IP9935 Dual, 12-bit, 2GHz T28HPM
IP9940 Dual, 7-bit, 3GHz T28HPC
IP9945 Dual, 12-bit, 2GHz T28HPC
Medium-Speed DAC (100MHz-­250MHz)
IP9103C 8-bit, 20MHz GFLPe
IP9105C Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz GF55LPe
IP9107C Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz U40LP
IP9108C Dual, 10-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9109C Dual, 10-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9110C Triple, 10-bit, 250MHz GF65LPe
IP9112C Dual, 12-bit, 125MHz T65LP
IP9113C Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz GF65LPE
IP9114C Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz T40LP
IP9115C Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9116C Dual, 12-bit, 210MHz GF28SLP
IP9117C Dual, 12-bit, 210MHz T65LP
IP9118C 12-bit, 250MHz with integrated band gap reference U40LP
IP9126C Triple, 12-bit, 250MHz GF28SLP
Low-Speed DAC (<100MHz)
IP9103C 8-bit, 20MHz GF65LP
IP9105C Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz GF55LPe
IP9106C Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz SS65LP
IP9107C ADC dual, 10-bit, 80MHz U40LP
IP9111C 12-bit, 1MHz U40LP
12-bit, 1MHz T28HPM