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Analog IP

Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds

Xtensa DPUs excell in dataplane processing

Now you can extend your analog engineering team resources and improve your time-to-market with Cadence® Analog IP solutions. Choose from a complete portfolio of Analog IP that is silicon-proven in a variety of foundries and nodes. We provide some of the world’s fastest and lowest power analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and analog front-end (AFE) IP solutions, as well as timing and monitoring IP.

Choose from more than 250 Analog IP solutions to support your application requirements, whether you are focused on low-power mobile, high-performance networks, wireless communications, consumer electronics, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Design with the confidence of knowing that your Analog IP is from Cadence, an established industry leader and innovator in analog design tools. 


  • Silicon-proven solution in leading-edge nodes
  • Accelerated time to market with advanced and proven solutions
  • High testability and ease of integration

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ADC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting analog signals to digital data

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DAC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting digital data to analog signals

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Analog Front End consisting of ADC, DAC, Clock (PLL), and other logic

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Timing IP

Clock circuits such as Phase Lock Loop (PLL) and Delay Line loop (DLL)

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Monitoring IP

Monitoring IP for temperature, battery, power or performance sensing

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