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Cadence® DAC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting digital data to analog signals. Cadence DAC IP comes in single-, dual-, and -octal channel versions with resolutions up to 14 bits, conversion rates up to 3GHz, and in sizes as small as 0.30mm2.

Our DAC IP includes built-in, programmable features such as 6-bit Gain DAC, FIFO interface, voltage reference, and high-power supply rejection ration (PSRR) voltage regulator.

We designed this IP for easy integration into your SoC design by using low, non-restrictive metal stacks and self-contained analog macro design.

Along with the beneficial features already mentioned, our DAC IP also offers:

  • Integrated voltage reference for high PSRR
  • >80dbB linearity at 50MHz
  • High testability: analog test bus, access for characterization and test

Browse the product listing below and click on the part number to see the data sheet, if available.

Product Table

Part Number Product DescriptionProcess Node
High-Speed DAC (>250MHz)
Dual, 6-bit, 2.6GHz T65LP
IP9911 14-bit, 650MHz T65LP
Dual, 14-bit, 650MHz T65LP
IP9915 Dual, 14-bit, 650MHz without FIFO T65LP
IP9932 Dual, 7-bit, 3GHz T28HPM
IP9935 Dual, 12-bit, 2GHz T28HPM
IP9940 Dual, 7-bit, 3GHz T28HPC
IP9945 Dual, 12-bit, 2GHz T28HPC
Medium-Speed DAC (100MHz-­250MHz)
IP9103 8-bit, 20MHz GFLPe
IP9105 Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz GF55LPe
IP9107 Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz U40LP
IP9108 Dual, 10-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9109 Dual, 10-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9110 Triple, 10-bit, 250MHz GF65LPe
IP9112 Dual, 12-bit, 125MHz T65LP
IP9113 Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz GF65LPE
IP9114 Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz T40LP
IP9115 Dual, 12-bit, 160MHz T65LP
IP9116 Dual, 12-bit, 210MHz GF28SLP
IP9117 Dual, 12-bit, 210MHz T65LP
IP9118 12-bit, 250MHz with integrated band gap reference U40LP
IP9126 Triple, 12-bit, 250MHz GF28SLP
Low-Speed DAC (<100MHz)
IP9103 8-bit, 20MHz GF65LP
IP9104 8-bit, 20MHz T40G
IP9105 Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz GF55LPe
IP9106 Dual, 10-bit, 80MHz SS65LP
IP9107 ADC dual, 10-bit, 80MHz U40LP
IP9111 12-bit, 1MHz U40LP
12-bit, 1MHz T28HPM