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Timing IP

Cadence® Timing IP is a series of hardened IP that includes phase-locked loops (PLLs) and oscillators to address the timing requirements of a typical system-on-chip (SoC) silicon. 

Our Timing IP is designed for easy integration with any SoC design by utilizing low, non-restrictive metal stacks. The IP is designed to minimize changes in circuit performance in applications where jitter, capture range, and clock performance are critical. Cadence Timing IP is a companion to our ADC IP and DAC IP to create custom analog front ends (AFEs) for your specific applications. It is also used to integrate with our line of Interface IP. 


  • Easy integration: low non-restrictive metal stacks and self-contained analog macro design
  • Companion to Cadence AFE and Interface IP
  • Silicon-proven solution at leading-edge nodes

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Product Table

IP9200 PLL Low-Jitter, Frac-N, 2.0GHz VCO U40LP
IP9201 PLL Integer Input 3MHz-200MHz, 1GHz VCO T65LP
IP9205 PLL Input 5MHz, 1.6GHz VCO GF55LPe
IP9207 PLL Programmable Spread Spectrum 1.6GHz VCO GF55LPe
IP9208 PLL Input 5MHz, 2GHz VCO GF40LP
IP9209 PLL Programmable, 2GHz VCO GF40LP
IP9210 PLL Input 5MHz, 2.2GHz VCO GF28SLP
IP9211 PLL Spread Spectrum, 2.2GHz VCO GF28SLP
IP9212 PLL I/O Pad Fitting Input 32KHz, 3.5GHz VCO GF28HP
IP9213 PLL Programmable, 3.5GHz VCO GF28HP
IP9214 PLL Frac N 5GHz VCO T28HPM
IP9217 PLL Input 32KHz, 1GHz VCO GF40LP
IP9218 PLL Input 32KHz, 1GHz VCO GF55LP
IP9220 PLL Input 32KHz, 1.6GHz VCO GF28HP
IP9221 PLL Input 32KHz, 1.6GHz VCO GF65LP
IP9222 PLL Clock Multiplier, Input 32KHz-750MHz, 1.6GHz VCO GF65LPe
IP9223 PLL Input 32KHz, 2GHz VCO GF40LP
IP9224 PLL Input 32KHz, 2.2GHz VCO GF28SLP
IP9225 PLL Input 32KHz, 3.5GHz VCO GF28HPP
IP9226 PLL Input 32KHz, 3.5GHz VCO T28HPM
IP9227 PLL Freq Synthesizer, 1.6GHz VCO GF65LPe
IP9228 PLL Integer Input 10-200MHz, 1GHz VCO T65LP
IP9229 PLL VCO 1.5GHz T28HPL
IP9230 PLL VCO 1.5GHz T28HPM
IP9231 PLL VCO 1.5GHz T65LP
IP9233 PLL VCO 3.0GHz T28HPL
IP9234 PLL VCO 3.0GHz T28HPM
IP9235  PLL Frac N 3.0GHz VCO T40LP
IP9236 PLL VCO 3.0GHz T65LP
IP9237 PLL OSC 12MHz T40LP
IP9238 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer-N, 3.2GHz VCO T40LP
IP9239 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 13-40MHz, 1.6GHz VCO  GF28SLP
IP9240 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 13-40MHz, 1.6GHz VCO T65LP
IP9241 PLL VCO 2.0GHz F65LP
IP9242 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 13-40MHz, 2.2GHz VCO GF65LPe
IP9243 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 13-40MHz, VCO 2.2GHz GF55LPe
IP9244 PLL Integer, Input 13-40MHz, 2.2GHz VCO T40LP
IP9245 PLL Integer, Input 13-40MHz, 2.2GHz VCO T65LP
IP9246 PLL +/- 12% Oscillator 60MHz-250MHz Output T65LP
IP9247 DLL 5ps Delay Line for 3.125GHz T40G
IP9248 DLL 5ps Delay Loop for 3.125GHz T40G
IP9250 PLL XOSC 20-40MHz T65LP
IP9251 PLL XOSC 20-40MHz GF65LPe
IP9252 PLL Osc 400MHz T40LP
IP9253 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 2.7-3.6V, 800-1600MHz VCO T65GP
IP9254 PLL Low-Jitter, Integer, Input 2.2-2.7V, 600-1400MHz VCO T65LP
IP9255 PLL LC Tank 12GHz GF65LPe
IP9258 PLL 50MHz crystal oscillator,  2.7-3.6V supply T65GP
IP9273 PLL Input 32KHz, 3.5GHz VCO T28HPC