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Cadence® ADC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting analog signals to digital data. Cadence ADC IP comes in single-, dual-, and octal-channel versions with resolutions up to 12 bits, conversion rates up to 3.5Gsps, and compact single ADC sizes (<0.1mm2). 

We are one of the earliest advocates of successive approximation register (SAR) ADC architecture. Today, we have more than 25 years of design experience, and our ADC includes unique and patented features for a high-performance, low-power, reliable, and compact-size ADC. 


  • High performance > 10 ENOB for12 bits ADC
  • Silicon-proven solution atleading-edge nodes
  • Easy integration: low non-restrictive metal stacks and self-contained analog macro design

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Product Table

High-Speed ADC (>250Msps)
IP9904 Dual, 6-bit, 2.6Gsps T65LP
IP9906 Dual, 11-bit, 650Msps T65LP
IP9913 Dual, 6-bit, 2.5Gsps T65LP
IP9030C 10-bit, 160 Msps U40LP
IP9931 Dual, 7-bit, 3Gsps T28HPM
IP9934 Dual, 11-bit, 1.5Gsps T28HPM
IP9939 Dual, 7-bit, 3Gsps T28HPC
IP9944 Dual, 11-bit, 1.5Gsps T28HPC
Medium-Speed ADC (100Msps-­250Msps)
IP9000C Dual, 8-bit, 20Msps GF65LP
IP9001C 8-bit, 20Msps GF28SLP
IP9002C 8-bit, 20Msps GF55LPe
IP9004C Dual, 8-bit, 20Msps T65LP
IP9005C 8-bit, 20Msps U40LP
IP9013C 10-bit, 40Msps GF65LPE
IP9014C 10-bit, 40Msps T40LP
IP9015C 10-bit, 40Msps T65LP
IP9016C Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps GF65LPE
IP9017C Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps SS65LP
IP9018C Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps T40LP
IP9019C Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps T65LP
IP9020C 10-bit, 80Msps GF65LPE
IP9021C 10-bit, 80Msps T40LP
IP9022C 10-bit, 80Msps T65LP
IP9023C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF65LP
IP9024C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF28SLP
IP9025C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF55LPe
IP9026C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps SS65LP
IP9028C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps, Ultra low power T65LP
IP9029C Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps U40LP
IP9045C Dual, 12-bit, 62Msps T65LP
IP9046C Dual, 12-bit, 62Msps U40LP
IP9047C Dual, 12-bit, 125Msps U40LP
IP9048C Dual, 12-bit, 125Msps T65LP
IP9914 24 Channels, 11-bit, 50Msps T65LP
Low-Speed ADC (<100Msps)
IP9006C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps GF28SLP
IP9007C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T40G
IP9008C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T55LP
IP9009C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T65GP
IP9011C 10-bit, 2Msps T65LP
IP9012C Dual, 10-bit, 9Msps GF65LP
IP9032C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65G
IP9033C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65LP
IP9034C Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65LPE
IP9040C Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T65LP*
IP9042C Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T28HPL
IP9043C Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T40LP
IP9044C Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T65LP
IP9914C 11-bit, 54Msps T65LP
* - with build reference clock