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Cadence® ADC IP is a set of hardened IP for converting analog signals to digital data. Cadence ADC IP comes in single-, dual-, and octal-channel versions with resolutions up to 12 bits, conversion rates up to 3Gsps, and in sizes as small as 0.36mm2.

The high-speed parallel successive approximation register (SAR) architecture of the Cadence design comes with unique and patented components, and offers the following benefits: 

  • Wide differential input range for easy driver interface
  • Integrated voltage reference for high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR)
  • Built-in background offset correction
  • High impedance input buffer
  • Easy integration: Low non-restrictive metal stacks and self-contained analog macro design
  • High testability: analog test bus, access for characterization and test

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Product Table

High-Speed ADC (>250Msps)
IP9904 Dual, 6-bit, 2.6Gsps T65LP
IP9906 Dual, 11-bit, 650Msps T65LP
IP9908 11-bit, 800Msps T65G
IP9913 Dual, 6-bit, 2.5Gsps T65LP
IP9030 10-bit, 160 Msps U40LP
IP9931 Dual, 7-bit, 3Gsps T28HPM
IP9934 Dual, 11-bit, 1.5Gsps T28HPM
IP9939 Dual, 7-bit, 3Gsps T28HPC
IP9944 Dual, 11-bit, 1.5Gsps T28HPC
Medium-Speed ADC (100Msps-­250Msps)
IP9000 Dual, 8-bit, 20Msps GF65LP
IP9001 8-bit, 20Msps GF28SLP
IP9002 8-bit, 20Msps GF55LPe
IP9004 Dual, 8-bit, 20Msps T65LP
IP9005 8-bit, 20Msps U40LP
IP9013 10-bit, 40Msps GF65LPE
IP9014 10-bit, 40Msps T40LP
IP9015 10-bit, 40Msps T65LP
IP9016 Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps GF65LPE
IP9017 Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps SS65LP
IP9018 Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps T40LP
IP9019 Dual, 10-bit, 40Msps T65LP
IP9020 10-bit, 80Msps GF65LPE
IP9021 10-bit, 80Msps T40LP
IP9022 10-bit, 80Msps T65LP
IP9023 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF65LP
IP9024 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF28SLP
IP9025 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps GF55LPe
IP9026 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps SS65LP
IP9027 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps T40G
IP9028 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps, Ultra low power T65LP
IP9029 Dual, 10-bit, 80Msps U40LP
IP9045 Dual, 12-bit, 62Msps T65LP
IP9046 Dual, 12-bit, 62Msps U40LP
IP9047 Dual, 12-bit, 125Msps U40LP
IP9048 Dual, 12-bit, 125Msps T65LP
IP9914 24 Channels, 11-bit, 50Msps T65LP
Low-Speed ADC (<100Msps)
IP9006 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps GF28SLP
IP9007 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T40G
IP9008 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T55LP
IP9009 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps T65GP
IP9011 10-bit, 2Msps T65LP
IP9012 Dual, 10-bit, 9Msps GF65LP
IP9032 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65G
IP9033 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65LP
IP9034 Octal, 10-bit, 1Msps, low power GF65LPE
IP9040 Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T65LP*
IP9042 Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T28HPL
IP9043 Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T40LP
IP9044 Octal, 12-bit, 2Msps T65LP
IP9914 11-bit, 54Msps T65LP
* - with build reference clock