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Your IP Partner for Many Applications

IP that can be Customized for Your Application

SoC designers are choosing Cadence® IP for an amazing variety of applications and markets. Our open IP platform, highly configurable architecture, and IP Factory approach promote rich customization options and efficiencies that you won't find using other approaches. 

Cadence standards-based IP can be easily configured and customized to speed your design cycle. Our Tensilica® DPUs can be optimized in many ways for both performance-intensive DSP (audio, video, imaging, and baseband signal processing) and embedded RISC processing functions (security, networking, and deeply embedded control).  

You can design with confidence knowing that our IP is a great fit for your application requirements.

See how Cadence IP can be used in your application

Mobile Handsets

In audio, speech, LTE baseband radio, USB, security, imaging, and video

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Home Entertainment

In DTV, Blu-ray Disk players, set-top boxes and more

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PCs and Printers

In audio, video and image signal processing, security, storage, networking and printers

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In navigation, image sensors, Ethernet and more

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Providing efficient processing and other IP for leading edge storage devices

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